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Lovense Edge 2 Review

Edge 2 review

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About the Lovense Edge 2

The Lovense Edge 2 stands out as a versatile prostate massager featuring two distinct motors dedicated to the prostate and the perineum areas. This device, enveloped in soft, waterproof silicone, offers not only ease of maintenance but also the pleasure of intense vibrations. With the accompanying app, you gain the ability to precisely adjust the sensations to your preference. The app further expands your play by enabling a partner to take control. Opting to use it without the app still delivers pleasure, yet you’ll forego the vast array of features that truly enhance the Edge 2 experience.

My experience with Edge 2

Upon receiving the Lovense Edge 2, excitement was an understatement -I was eager to test this gadget. Initially powering it on, it seemed alright in my palm, yet it didn’t strike me as extraordinary. That impression lingered until I delved into the accompanying app. A brief 10-minute span to download the app, create an account, and pair the Edge 2 with my phone completely shifted my perspective to a resounding WOW, this is impressive!=) The app let me craft custom vibration patterns or adopt ones shared by the community, sync it to my playlists , and intriguingly, use it as an alarm. The real thrill came with personalizing the vibration intensities and sequences. Yet the anticipation grew I was curious about a partner controlled experience. Once my partner set up her account, the resulting experience was mind-blowing. The thrill of relinquishing control was intense and exhilarating.

For our second experiment, she maneuvered it remotely from two towns away, and the intimacy felt undiminished—it was as if she was right beside me. The unpredictability of the sensations she triggered was tantalizing. The battery life surpassed 90 minutes, which was impressive, and recharging was faster than anticipated. The designs simplicity and its adaptability were a hit, ensuring it always found the perfect spot. And I cant overlook the ease of cleaning -this practical feature amplifies the overall enjoyment, offering peace of mind that tidying up post-use is effortless)


The Lovense Edge 2 prostate massager boasts a design that hits the sweet spot in size—not overly large or distractingly small. It features a flexible head that contours for a personalized fit. The second bump is amply sized to ensure the device stays put, even during movement. Crafted from silicone, it has a smooth, solid feel, complemented by a sleek matte black aesthetic with a singular button for simplicity. Fully waterproof, it invites exploration in any setting, and the magnetic charger adds a touch of convenience to the charging process.

Ease of Use

The Lovense Edge 2 shines with user-friendly operation even without its app. A long press on the sole button powers the device on, and subsequent presses cycle through various pre-set modes. Yet, it’s the app integration that truly elevates the experience to stellar heights. After a straightforward connection and account setup, a universe of patterns awaits to be downloaded or personally crafted. Remarkably, the app allows for independent control of both base and p-spot vibrations. Plus, it opens the door to partner-controlled play from any distance, thanks to WiFi connectivity.


In the brief period I’ve owned the Lovense Edge 2, it gives off the impression of durability and longevity, with the only caveat being the natural wear of the battery over time. The devices watertight seal ensures no compromise in its integrity, although it does mean that the batteries are not replaceable. Nonetheless, it feels robust and dependable -qualities that make it a favored choice in my collection.


Priced at approximately $109 USD, the Lovense Edge 2 offers value that matches its cost. It’s not just a well-crafted and thoughtfully designed toy, its an experience enhanced significantly by its intuitive app. This isn’t just your average, everyday item -its a leap into a WOW realm of innovation. The ability to hand over its control to someone in any location is nothing short of astonishing. Durability is a given with this toy, assuring you of its lasting presence in your collection. It’s an investment that is justified -truly worth the purchase.


The Edge 2 not only met but surpassed my initial expectations and the online claims. Its dual vibrations at maximum intensity are powerful enough to deliver overwhelming pleasure. Impressively, the battery life extends beyond the advertised 90 minutes of run time without overheating, and it recharges quickly within 25 to 40 minutes. While it operates a bit loudly at full power -audible from about 10 feet away -this noise is significantly reduced when separated by a wall or door. The real game-changer is connecting to the app, which elevates the experience substantially, allowing for precise control adjustments by either you or a partner.


The packaging arrived in clear wrap, conveniently untaped, allowing for easy access with just a fingernail. Upon opening, the toy was securely nestled within foam padding, ensuring its safety during transit. Beneath this protective layer lay a box that housed the charging cable, accompanied by a sleek black storage bag, an owners manual, and a quick start guide, all included to enhance the user experience right from the start.


This prostate massager boasts a construction of firm, slick silicone that is both phthalate-free and non-porous, ensuring safety and hygiene. The design incorporates a single button, seamlessly integrated under the silicone surface without any gaps, maintaining a sleek appearance. The only other visible feature is the pair of small metal magnetic stubs for charging, which contribute to the device being fully submersible and exceptionally easy to maintain. Cleaning is straightforward -simply employ mild soap and warm water, or opt for your preferred silicone-safe sex toy cleaner.

Specifications and features

Vibration speeds3 (more in-app) 
Vibration patterns4 (more in-app) 
Length4.9 inches
Insertable length3.6 inches
Diameter1.4 inches
Battery Life90 min
Charging Time25-40 minutes
Remote ControlsAPP
Storage BagYES
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