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Lovense Lush 3 Vs Dolce

Lush 3 Vs. Dolce The Comfort Game

Our Verdict

The Lovense Dolce, previously recognized as the Quake, delivers a sensation similar to the Lush 3 in terms of internal pleasure. But the Dolce goes a notch higher with its potent external clitoral motor. This raises a question: Why would anyone opt for the Lush 3 when the Dolce provides a dual treat at a comparable price?

Here’s the rationale: The Lush 3 promises enhanced wearability, ideal for prolonged enjoyment. Its battery endurance ensures your moments aren’t abruptly paused. Plus, it operates with a stealth that surpasses the Dolce, making it apt for more discreet adventures in public.

After extensively experimenting with the Lovense Dolce, the Lovense Lush 3, and the Lovense Ferri, here are my insights:

  • For those content with singular stimulation – either G-spot or clitoral – the Lush 3 or the Lovense Ferri are your go-tos. If you’re seeking simultaneous pleasure and have the means for two devices, pairing the Lush 3 with the Ferri will offer superior sensations and remain much more agreeable than the Dolce.

However, if your budget limits you to a single device and you’re keen on potent dual stimulation, the Lovense Dolce should be your pick. But keep in mind, you’d be compromising a bit on comfort and longevity of battery life.

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My In-depth Analysis of Lovense Lush 3 and Dolce

Having spent considerable time with both the Lovense Lush 3 and the Dolce, formerly known as the Quake, I’ve explored their potential in various settings, from intimate bedroom moments to fun adventures at popular bars, eateries, and even coffee nooks. It’s been a thrilling experience, and I’m here to share my insights to help you zero in on the ideal toy for your escapades.

For the Lush Owners Eyeing Dolce:

A shoutout to all who already own the Lush and are contemplating introducing its dual-sensation counterpart, the Dolce, to their collection. If you’re wavering on this decision, dive into my dedicated segment on the potential benefits of the Dolce, especially when you’re already familiar with the charms of the Lush. It’ll give you a clearer perspective on whether it’s a worthwhile addition.

At-a-Glance Breakdown of Lush 3 and Dolce:

  • Lush 3: A specialist for internal G-spot stimulation. It’s exclusively designed to cater to the inner sweet spot.
  • Dolce: The all-rounder! With its dual-action magic, it not only stimulates the G-spot but also pampers the clitoris. And, both of these sensations can be controlled using the Lovense app!

For those seeking a deeper understanding, I’ll dive into each aspect in more detail. But before that, a small interjection for clarity: any references you find to the “Quake” is essentially speaking about the Dolce. The renaming was purely due to trademark nuances, with the toy’s functionality remaining unchanged.

Lush 3 Vs. Dolce: The Comfort Game

The definition of ‘comfort’ varies from person to person, making it somewhat elusive. While I’ll share my personal take on these toys, I’ll also present unfiltered facts to allow you a well-rounded perspective.

The Similarity:

Both the Lush and the Dolce come with an internal ‘egg’ which is quite analogous in terms of shape and size. They grant a delightful sense of fullness upon insertion. For those who crave the sensation of being completely filled, both these toys’ internal components will tickle your fancy.

Lush 3 vs. Dolce: Sizing Up the Comfort

For those leaning towards smaller internal toys, both the Lush and Dolce might come across as a bit more ‘generous’ than preferred. That sense of ‘fullness’ we discussed earlier? It might feel like a bit too much for some.

The real distinction between the Lush and Dolce is in their secondary features:

  • Dolce: Apart from its internal component, Dolce boasts a rigid yet adjustable external arm equipped with a motor. This arm is designed to provide clitoral vibrations and pressure, adding another dimension to the experience.
  • Lush: Contrastingly, the Lush possesses a form-fitting, pliable antenna. Its sole purpose? To enhance connectivity. The Lush doesn’t indulge in dual stimulations; its antenna doesn’t vibrate. On the upside, its malleability makes it easy to position, ensuring comfort.

For me, Dolce’s external arm posed challenges. The essence of dual-stimulation toys is simultaneous alignment of both motors. In theory, this is great. In practice, adjusting one motor’s position inadvertently affects the other. And though Dolce allows you to modify the angle between its two arms, it’s still limited in its ability to adapt to diverse anatomies.

In my personal experience, despite the adjustable feature, Dolce’s clitoral arm was a tad too elongated, causing it to be uncomfortably pressed against my pubic bone by my clothing. While moving around, especially during social outings, I felt a stark difference in comfort between the Dolce and the Lush.

Lush’s gentle antenna seamlessly conforms to the body’s curve, making it exceptionally snug. This was a notable improvement from Lush 2 to Lush 3, making it even more comfy than its chief rival – the OhMiBod Esca 2.

But circling back to the Dolce – the pressure from my clothes didn’t just affect the external arm. It also caused the internal component to pivot, misaligning it from my G-spot.

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Comfort & Fit: Lovense Lush 3 vs. Dolce

  • Diverse Reviews: Not everyone’s experiences mirrored mine. Out of the myriad customer reviews I perused, 42% voiced discomfort related to the Dolce, while the remaining 58% were either untroubled or chose not to highlight any discomfort. It’s very possible for you to be in the latter category, finding Dolce an impeccable fit.
  • Personal Preference: My allegiance remains with the Lush 3, predominantly because of the comfort it offers. Its flexible arm, devoid of pressure intentions, ensured a hassle-free and snug fit for me. For enhanced clitoral stimulation, I teamed up the Lush 3 with the Lovense Ferri. It’s an electrifying combination I control via the Lovense Remote app. This combo trumps Dolce’s solo act, both in comfort and stimulation.
  • Comparison with Other Toys: Dolce isn’t the only dual stimulation toy I’ve tried. The We-Vibe Chorus, for instance, beats Dolce in terms of comfort. However, it lags in power. The Chorus’s primary appeal? It can be worn during intimacy, making it an exciting add-on to one’s playtime.

Yet, for a powerful dual-stimulation experience, my heart is set on the Lush 3 + Ferri duo.


Final Thoughts on Comfort: Both toys promise to fulfill the desires of those craving a full sensation. The Lush just has an edge when it comes to fitting a wider range of anatomies. If you’re financially constrained and seeking a two-in-one experience, you might compromise on comfort with the Dolce – unless it aligns perfectly with your anatomy. If you wish to play it safe, I’d nudge you towards the Lush 3 and Ferri duo. The liberty to place each toy independently ensures maximal comfort.

Vibration Dynamics: Lush 3 vs. Dolce

  • Core Differences: Before diving deeper, let’s refresh: Lush 3 is tailored for G-spot stimulation only, while Dolce boasts dual motors for both G-spot and clitoral stimulation.
  • Vibration Strength: The G-spot stimulation of both toys is nearly identical, starting at a considerably high intensity, and climaxing almost at par. However, the Lush 3 does take a slight lead in power. It’s impressive how potent their internal vibrations are for wearable toys!
  • Dolce’s Extra: While Lush 3’s antenna doesn’t play any role in clitoral stimulation, Dolce steps up with its external motor, packing a punch. But there’s a hitch – the design doesn’t align perfectly with my clitoris as some of my favored panty vibrators do, the Lovense Ferri being a prime example. So, Dolce’s high-intensity clitoral vibes become essential for adequate stimulation. Yet, for the zenith of clitoral stimulation, my pick remains the Lovense Ferri.
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Vibration Quality: Lush 3 vs. Dolce

The quality of vibrations can make or break a toy for many individuals. Some enjoy the deep, resonant purr of rumbly vibes, while others prefer the fluttery, tingling sensation of buzzy ones. Both the Dolce and the Lush appear to strike a balance, catering to a wide range of preferences.

The Dolce sets itself apart by its dual motor system. When both are in operation, they tend to sync up and enhance the rumbly quality of the overall vibrations. However, this effect requires some tweaking on the app. Once dialed in, it delivers deeply satisfying vibes.

Noise Level & Public Play: Lush 3 vs. Dolce

Discretion is vital for many users, especially when venturing into public play. It’s clear that the Lush 3 has a significant advantage here. Its singular motor and design make it much quieter than the dual-motored Dolce. The Dolce’s clitoral motor, not being muffled by the body, emits more noise.

In public settings, the Lush 3 allows for a higher power level before becoming detectable, which offers an advantage for those seeking a stealthy pleasure experience in semi-quiet environments. However, both toys can ramp up to full power in noisy locations, like bustling bars or restaurants.

Connectivity: Lush 3 vs. Dolce

Connectivity can be a vital factor, especially for long-distance couples or those using these toys for public play. Both toys shine in this department. Lovense has established a strong reputation for their toys’ reliable connectivity, and these two products are no exceptions.

The Dolce, however, is exceptional in its Bluetooth range. It stays connected from a farther distance than the Lush 3, which can be advantageous in certain scenarios or games. But even the Lush’s range is impressive compared to many other toys on the market.

It’s crucial to remember that real-world conditions might impact these distances. The presence of obstructions or the quality of the phone being used can affect the connectivity range.

Concluding Thoughts:

  1. Vibration Quality: It’s a tie. Both toys offer strong, satisfying vibrations. The Dolce’s dual motors might provide an edge for some, but it’s contingent on individual preferences.
  2. Noise Level: Lush 3 is the clear winner. It’s more discreet and better suited for quiet public play situations.
  3. Connectivity: While both toys excel, the Dolce takes the lead with its superior range.

When deciding between the two, personal preferences and priorities will be paramount. The Dolce might be enticing for those seeking dual stimulation and extended connectivity, while the Lush 3 appeals to those prioritizing discretion and comfort.

The provided text appears to be a detailed comparison review between the Lovense Dolce and the Lovense Lush 3, two popular sex toys. It breaks down the performance of both toys across various metrics, including vibration quality, noise levels, connectivity, battery life, and app compatibility.

Here’s a concise summary of the review:

Lovense Dolce vs. Lovense Lush 3:

  1. Vibration Quality:
    • Both have a good balance between rumbly and buzzy vibrations.
    • Dolce offers additional clit-motor that can intensify the rumbly feel.
    • Preference depends on individual needs.
  2. Noise and Public Play:
    • Lush 3 is quieter than Dolce.
    • Dolce can get loud, especially with the clit motor on.
    • For discreet public play, Lush 3 is recommended.
  3. Connectivity:
    • Both toys offer strong and reliable connectivity.
    • Dolce has a slightly longer Bluetooth range compared to Lush 3.
    • Both can be controlled from anywhere in the world with Wi-Fi or cell data.
  4. Battery Life and Charging:
    • Lush 3 has a longer battery life (up to 5 hours) compared to Dolce (1-2 hours).
  5. App:
    • Both toys use the same app.
    • The Dolce’s app has controls for its two motors, whereas the Lush 3’s app controls only one.
    • Overall, the app is user-friendly and reliable for both toys.
  6. Recommendations:
    • For users primarily seeking G-spot stimulation: Choose Lush 3.
    • For users primarily seeking clit stimulation: Choose the Lovense Ferri over the Dolce.
    • For dual G-spot and clit stimulation: If budget allows, go with a combination of Lush 3 and Ferri for better performance and flexibility. If on a tight budget, choose Dolce.
    • If one already owns the Lush 3 and seeks dual stimulation, it’s better to add the Lovense Ferri to the collection rather than getting the Dolce.

Overall, the ideal choice depends on the user’s specific preferences, needs, and budget. Both toys have their strengths, and the best option varies depending on the individual’s desired type of stimulation.

FAQs on Lovense Dolce vs. Lovense Lush 3

  1. What is the primary difference between Lovense Dolce and Lovense Lush 3?
    • The Dolce offers both clit and G-spot vibrations, while the Lush 3 focuses only on the G-spot.
  2. Which toy is quieter for public play?
    • The Lush 3 is quieter than the Dolce, especially when the Dolce’s clit-motor is on.
  3. How do the battery lives of Dolce and Lush 3 compare?
    • The Lush 3 can last as long as 5 hours, while the Dolce usually maxes out at around 2 hours of play.
  4. Is the Lovense App different for Dolce and Lush 3?
    • No, both toys use the same Lovense App. However, the Dolce has two motors to control while the Lush 3 has one.
  5. Which toy is recommended for someone who only wants G-spot stimulation?
    • The Lush 3 is recommended as it offers better G-spot stimulation and is more comfortable to wear.
  6. If I want only clit stimulation, which toy should I go for?
    • It’s recommended to get the Lovense Ferri over the Dolce as it offers better clit stimulation and has other advantages like comfort and longer battery life.
  7. Can I wear the Lush 3 and Ferri together?
    • Yes, the Lush and Ferri can be worn at the same time very comfortably and offer stronger stimulation together than the Dolce.
  8. Which toy has better connectivity range in Bluetooth mode?
    • The Dolce can stay connected up to 290 feet away from the connected phone, while the Lush 3 stays connected up to 130 feet away.
  9. Should I get the Dolce if I already own the Lush 3?
    • If you have the Lush 3, it’s recommended not to buy the Dolce. Instead, consider adding the Lovense Ferri for dual stimulation.
  10. Can I control the Dolce or Lush 3 from anywhere in the world?
  • Yes, both these long-distance vibrators can be controlled from anywhere with wifi or cell data.
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